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1) Get rid of extra inches from targeted areaslike hip, stomach, thighs which are difficult to reduce.

2) Desired fat deposites like face, shoulder, internal organs is not removed. So no wrinkling.

3) 30 minutes of session with HYPOXI is equivalent to 6-7 hours of workout. Warm up created by these hi-tech machines, remains there over your targeted areas for 6 to 7 hours. Hence after the completion of therapy, fat will keep on metabolizing from those areas.

4) Health and systemic screening before recruiting clients.

5) No side effects like knee join erosion, back stress and pain with HYPOXI as you will perform exercise in non weight bearing positions under the guidance of trained and experienced physical therapist and coaches.

6) Regular charting of inch loss and weight loss.

7) No vigorous dieting required. Our coaches will note down client's eating habits and that diet is modified by our experts, then a modified nutritional chart is given to client for more enhanced effect.

8) Regular cellulite reduction sessions are given to each client.

9) No artificial medications, proteins, oils or heat which creates hormonal or gastric complications is given.

10) HYPOXI is time saving. It is a European technology, clients have to perform sessions only for half an hour and thrice a week. No long sessions of workout required.

11) HYPOXI give guaranteed inch loss from your targeted area.

12) HYPOXI studio have a clean, silent and congenial environment with comfortable music to relax your mind.

Is the HYPOXI-Method healthy?

This question can be answered with a clear Yes! The HYPOXI-Method is based on time-tested cure and training methods which have been consistently further developed by HYPOXI®. The HYPOXI-Training systematically removes redundant body fat which strains the body. Moderate movement stimulates the metabolism; the connective tissue is strengthened and tightened. The result? Complete physical well-being!

How does the method work?

The most important aspect of successfully reducing body fat is optimal blood circulation in the concerned body areas. This is where the HYPOXI-Method is unique. On the one hand, the concerned body areas are systematically put under pressure – achieved with vacuum (based on the principle of cupping) and compression (meaning treatment with positive pressure). On the other hand, moderate kinetic exercise stimulates the metabolism. Redundant fat is activated and transported via the blood circulation to be burned in the muscles. And not only that: HYPOXI® improves the unattractive appearance of cellulite and strengthens the dermal and connective tissue. The effect: a firm and more beautiful complexion.

Can you do anything wrong when using the HYPOXI-Method?

In all authorized HYPOXI-Studios, you are supervised by qualified coaches. They tailor the HYPOXI-Method to your individual needs and continually supervise the performance, progress and success of your training. Furthermore, your coach helps you design a well-balanced nutrition plan.

What are the concrete benefits of the HYPOXI-Method?

With the HYPOXI-Method, we help you reach your goal fast and with long-term success. You systematically train the body areas you want to change. The training is customized to your individual needs – ensured by the qualified HYPOXI-Coaches in the authorized studios. As a result, your training will never be too strenuous or a risk to your health.

How long does it take before you can see the results?

Usually, results begin to show after just a few sessions. However, results differ from person to person. The actual exercise duration of the HYPOXI-Method depends on your goals and your individual constitution. Usually, our customers took between one and three months to reach your personal goals.

How long does one exercise session take?

This is precisely what is special about the HYPOXI-Method: even short exercise sessions can yield positive results. The exercises take approx. 30 to 50 minutes per visit. You can use your lunch break for the HYPOXI-Training. Again: the HYPOXI-Coach designs a customized exercise plan with reserved appointments.

Who should not use the HYPOXI-Method?

A simple rule of thumb: everybody who is allowed to do light cycle exercises can take advantage of the HYPOXI-Method.

People suffering from the following symptoms should only perform HYPOXI-Training after consulting a doctor :

 severe damage to the circulatory system, acute vascular disorders, pathological cardiovascular diseases, bone and muscle atrophy

HYPOXI-Training is not allowed during pregnancy, or in the case of infections or inflammations or in general states of pain

Do I have to diet at the same time to reach results?

The HYPOXI-Method does not require strict, one-sided diets! After all, they are difficult to maintain and usually lead to yo-yo effects. The HYPOXI-Method takes into consideration the fact that every person uses nutrition completely differently. Therefore, the HYPOXI-Coach in your studio will help you design an optimal nutrition plan that matches your HYPOXI-Training. The nutrition that is individually adjusted to the needs of your body will help you reach your goals.

Scientists confirm the effectiveness of the HYPOXI-Method

A recent study by the Medical Prevention Centre of Hamburg (MPCH) has officially confirmed the effectiveness of HYPOXI®. Over a four week period, Professor and Doctor Christoph M. Bamberg, Head of the MPCH, examined the HYPOXI-Method® with his team to test its overall effectiveness when directly compared with conventional training. Does HYPOXI® increase fat burning in problem areas with the application of alternating negative and positive pressure? The answer was clear and the results were significant.

"The reduction of energy input and the increase of energy consumption through physical activity are the basis of weight reduction and weight control. Up until now, it could not be proven that any method systematically and preferentially reduced body fat in specific body areas", explains Prof. Dr. Bamberger at the beginning of the scientific study. 20 women and 16 men were divided into two groups. Half of the women completed a half-hour training course on a conventional bicycle ergometer or treadmill three times a week.

The female HYPOXI® group completed their training on the Trainer S120 which was developed specifically for the problem areas from the waist down.

The men, concentrating on the problem areas of the abdomen and hips, were also divided into two groups. One group completed their training on a conventional treadmill while the HYPOXI® group did their training on the Vacunaut and the specifically designed Pressure Suit. The Vacunaut increases the blood circulation directly to the abdomen area.

All participants in the study adhered to HYPOXI®'s recommended nutritional guidelines and therefore shared the same experience. After one month the measurements of all participants were taken – and the HYPOXI® group was the happiest! Both the men and the women in the HYPOXI® group showed significantly better results in the problem areas.

These women lost on average 13.1 cms around their hips, buttocks and upper thighs, while those in the control group lost only 4.8 cms. Among the men, the problem areas of the stomach and hips were in the spotlight. Here the HYPOXI® group scored an average circumferential loss of 9.4 cms while again the control group shed only 2.9 cms.

"The assumption that the HYPOXI-Method® can be used to target body loss in the problem areas has been clearly confirmed by our study," says Prof. Bamberger.